AVNI Software v0.1 released

Oct. 23, 2023

Explore our open source software page for more information about the Analysis and Visualization toolkit for plaNetary Inferences (AVNI) software ecosystem. We have pushed a pypi release of Version 0.1.0, which is documented in https://avni.globalseismology.org and citable as:

  • P Moulik, R Maguire, R Gassmoeller, and C Havlin. AVNI: Analysis and Visualization toolkit for plaNetary Inferences. Zenodo, 2023. doi:10.5281/zenodo.10035731


  • Initial release (initial commit: 2017-06-28).
  • This version contains basic API codebase with functionalities to query locally hosted models and data. Some public (non-authenticated) queries from the AVNI server have also been implemented.
  • Model and Surface Wave Reference Data Formats (RSDF) in both ASCII and HDF5 formats have been updated.